Hi Everyone, This is my new parrot. I am calling him Robin. Batman movies are my favorite movies. I am new to keeping birds so is there anything I need to know about this species?

Where can I buy this type of toy for my parrot? And is it a safe toy for them to be eating? I worry so much about all the little bits of plastic or wood my parrot could swallow.

Meet Bonny & Clyde. These are my beautiful Sun Conures. The man at the bird shop told me that I had to buy two of them and always keep them as a pair. He also said I should spend about 2 hours a day to play with them and handle them. Is that correct ?

I don’t know what it is about the mirror but she will sit there all day, just tweeting to herself.  Does that mean she needs a mate in the cage ? When I got her the shop owner said that these birds are ok for small spaces and small cages. I really don’t want another one and only have a small apartment here in Hong Kong.