Hong Kong Parrot Rescue (HKPR) is an initiative under AquaMeridian Conservation & Education. We are dedicated to improving the lives of pet parrots in captivity by educating parrot owners & carers on correct diet and living environment of parrots. Through education, we help people understand that these highly sociable and intelligent birds need special consideration to meet their emotional and physical needs. We sincerely urge prospective owners to consider carefully before acquiring a parrot.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought about a surge in the local pet trade due to more folks staying at home. Many inexperienced people have bought parrots on a whim and that has resulted in a lot of unwanted parrots or parrots getting loose. HKPR has often recovered lost pet birds from the dangers of being outdoors to reunite them with their owners. If the owner could not be found, or if the owner no longer wants the bird, we insure that they well cared for and are then placed in secure loving homes. We also hope to help parrots in neglected situations improve their lives. At times, this could simply mean educating a responsible owner on better care, but we have also encountered parrots in extremely poor condition due to neglect and negligence. These may require medical care, intensive nursing, and/or rehabilitation before we can place them into new adoptive homes.

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